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Theme Festival - TV Movies

About this Festival

TV movies and MOWs are a flexible solution to fill slots previously planned to carry drama series. This Theme Festival takes a look at the TV movie and independent film catalogues from global suppliers.

Programming Profile

Making money with movies


The international market for telemovies has seen a spike due to the growth of SVoD and the Covid-19 pandemic, executives from the sector tell Karolina Kaminska.


Movies made for TV have traditionally always had their own place in the TV and film world, with specific homes on dedicated channels or during certain slots in broadcasters’ schedules.


But as the content industry evolves and more platforms for watching TV emerge, particularly with respect to the influx of streaming services, telemovies are finding new homes while the lines between them and films intended for theatrical release are becoming increasingly blurred.


According to Hannah Pillemer, head of content at MarVista Entertainment, the LA-based producer-distributor has seen a “huge” increase in demand for TV movies in recent years, which has been accelerated by the Covid-19 pandemic this year.