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Director: Anna Mirokhina

Producer: Anna Mirokhina, Vladimir Batrameev, Vasiliy Vnukov

Writer: Ilya Kulikov, Anna Mirokhina

Cast: Rina Grishina, Igor Stam, Viktoriya Tarasova, Artym Eshkin

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+

32 X 48 min

What would happen if a rogue police officer and a medium with genuine psychic powers happened to meet one day? Nikita was the best criminal investigations officer in the business, but anyone can make a mistake: during a special op, the gangsters got away with a ransom, the girl they had kidnapped disappeared without trace, and Nikita was houndedout of the police force. But the hostage’s mom still has faith in him: she forces him (quite literally) to make the acquaintance of Vika, a girl with psychic powers, and convince himself of her gifts. Two completely different people, both used to solving their problems on their own, now have to try and find common ground in order to trace the criminals and track down their victim. And so the Third Eye Agency is born. Probably the most unusual detective agency in the world, it is the last hope of anyone in trouble. The Third Eye Agency is a crime series with elements of mystery and drama, featuring terrible crimes, extreme situations, unexpected endings, and a difficult relationship between the protagonists – two charismatic but very complicated young people who are just starting to figure each other out.

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