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Director: Vladislav Nikolaev, Andrey Zagidullin

Producer: Elena Torchinskaya, Alexander Sysoev

Cast: Evgeniy Pronin, Anastasia Stezhko, Aleksandr Nikitin, Artem Markaryan, Sergei Lanbamin, Vadim Andreev, Tatiyana Fedorovskaya, Mariya Govorova, Sergey Sosnovskiy, Anatoliy Goryachev, Vladimir Sychev, Marta Timofeeva

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: 15+

32 X 48 min

He woke up in a forest. He had no clothes, no ID and no flashbacks, but he had a feeling somebody was after him. He heard dogs barking and the police officers talking and tried to run out to the road, but he was caught and accused of kidnapping a little girl. Could he really harm a child? And if so, could he remember anything to help him find her? While he tried to cope with his weird amnesia, he discovered a certain peculiarity of his brain. It turned out, he could process information at an incredible speed as well as instantly notice and analyze everything up to the last detail. Soon these powers helped him find a trace of the missing schoolgirl. Out of the main suspect he turned into a member of the investigation team. However, could it be too early to confide in a complete stranger?

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