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Producer: Mariya Glebova, Evgeniy Nikishov, Valeroy Fedorovich, Olga Kurenkova, Ivan Golomovzyuk

Executive Producer: Ada Solvich, Rodion Chepel, Alexander Urzhanov

Writer: Anna Karpova, Vladlena Savenkova, Alexander Urzhanov

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: 15+

16 X 48 min (2 seasons)

A heart-stopping documentary crime drama which tells the story of the highest-profile (and still controversial) crimes committed in contemporary Russia. What do you know about the Angarsk maniac – a policeman who, by his own admission, killed more than 80 women, while his wife and daughter, who lived alongside him, had not the slightest suspicion? Can you imagine who might have been behind the mass teen suicides thought to have been masterminded by the administrators of the ‘Death Groups’ (also known as ‘Blue Whales’) on social networking sites? And what made a provincial cashier give up everything, steal millions of rubles from the post office till, and burn through it all on a road trip to the coast with her lover, just like the heroes of the film Knockin' on Heaven's Door?

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