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Director: Vitaly Skorodumov, Vladislav Nikolaevich

Producer: Elena Torchinskaya, Alexander Sysoev

Cast: Masha Surikova, Varvara Verchovich

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: 15+

30 X 24 min

The heroes of the new TV-3 project Eyewitnesses are ordinary people who are faced with the supernatural. The editors of the show searched for them all over Russia. Some of them were found in closed communities in social networks and forums devoted to mysticism, some were told by their relatives and friends. The heroes whose interviews you will see have already found an explanation for the experience and are ready to share it with the audience.

The team of professional documentary filmmakers and the presenter Yevgeny Pronin, helped the heroes to solve the mysteries of fate and understand the causes of mystical events. To make it easier for viewers to imagine how everything was in fact, each episode will show the reconstruction of events played by professional actors.

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