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Director: Anders Banke

Producer: Alexander Doulerain, Valeriy Fedorovich, Evgeniy Nikishov

Writer: Ilya Kulikov, Evgeniy Nikishov

Cast: Kristina Kazinskaya, Anvar Khalilulaev, Valeria Dmitrieva, Konstantin Davydov, Ilya Shcherbinin

Genres: Sci-Fi

Demographics: 15+

16 X 48 min (2 seasons)

A sci-fi mystical thriller/road movie/horror film where a group of young people go back in time to prevent the Chernobyl nuclear disaster only to find out that they are being hunted down by something deadly. An amazing success with an average prime time share of 32.1% (18-30 demo).

Five young people, three boys and two girls, all jump into a car trying to chase down a thief who’s just stolen a huge amount of money from them. For some reason the thief, a seemingly regular-looking IT guy, keeps uploading video messages with hints on where they can find him. It turns out he’s heading towards… Chernobyl! When the guys get to their destination, they learn that all this wasn’t by chance and that they can go back in time and reverse the nuclear disaster. However, in trying to do so they confront a powerful adversary in the form of the Chernobyl Zone, which turns out to be alive and which tries to stop them at any cost.

In the course of the series the guys find out that the Zone is not the only adversary they will have to encounter, as there’s another enemy whose life they managed to irreversibly change in the past and who is hell-bent on taking revenge on them in the present… Will they be able to survive and prevent the nuclear disaster from happening, and what will the future look like if they manage to change it?

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