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Director: Axinya Gog

Producer: Viktor Mitrofanov, Ivan Golomovzyuk, Olga Kurenkova

Writer: Darya Shelyakina

Cast: Yana Guryanova, Petar Tsekavitsa, Yola Sanko, Vladimir Zherebtsov

4 X 45 min

Successful, but very lonely journalist Polina does not make serious relations with men – having survived a betrayal, she is afraid to make a mistake again with the right choice. Once Polina’s work brings her an interesting acquaintance and an unusual gift – a magic bracelet. Using it, she can “try on life” with a man she liked and move three years ahead to check what their future together will look like. Polina sets off on a fascinating journey through her alternative destinies, but the search for the perfect groom is delayed.

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