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TV-3 Channel


TV-3 Channel

Company overview

TV-3 is a top ten Russian national television channel and a part of Gazprom Media, Russia's largest media group. Every week, 27 million viewers watch TV-3 channel in 7,748 Russian cities, towns and villages.

TV-3 broadcasts TV series, studio-produced shows, and feature films, specializing in the adventure, fantasy, and supernatural genres. Channel’s mission is to offer viewers an unforgettable experience and to expand their knowledge of the world around them. That's why a motto of TV-3 is “Everything but ordinary.” It’s no surprise that TV-3 attracts more young viewers aged 14–24, an age group that generally doesn’t watch TV, than any other Russian channel. READ MORE

Programming Profile

Where ordinary meets extraordinary


Lily Sheroziya, chief marketing officer at Russia’s TV-3, outlines the broadcaster’s ambitions and explains why the country’s problem with missing people plays a key part in its programming strategy.


What does TV-3 bring to the Russian television market and what are its aims?
Our mission as a channel is to inspire the viewer, to arouse their curiosity and to broaden their perceptions of the world around them. Our channel’s positioning is where ordinary meets extraordinary, so we like to explore the realms of mystery, wonder and adventure.


Our slogan is ‘Turn on your imagination, turn on TV-3.’ We help people to keep on believing and to wonder; we help them to return to the freshness of childhood – a point when the world seemed so immense, it was an all-encompassing puzzle and they had inexhaustible strength and determination to solve it.



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Valeriy Fedorovich

Evgeniy Nikishov

Lily Sheroziya

Tanya Guil

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