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Cast: Alia Shawkat,John Early,John Reynolds,Meredith Hagner,Brandon Micheal Hall
Genres: Drama
People: Alia Shawkat, Brandon Micheal Hall, John Early, John Reynolds, Meredith Hagner
Shows: Search Party
Companies: Turner
Search Party


Search Party centers on Dory (Shawkat), a fragile, frustrated, life-long doormat who's not particularly proud of her impact on the world, especially since her greatest accomplishment to date is organizing clothes to be donated to Goodwill for her wealthy employer. Dory feels stuck in a stale and disconnected relationship with her boyfriend, Drew (Reynolds), a kind of clueless, complacent, spoon-fed doofus who just really loves Christmas. She also feels removed from her closest friends, Elliott (Early), a self-diagnosed narcissist who loves adding job titles to his designer-stylist-curator multi-hyphenate lifestyle, and Portia (Hagner), an actress always struggling to balance the challenging demands of chronic insecurity and pathological self-absorption.

When Chantal, a girl she barely knew in college, goes missing, Dory becomes fixated on the mystery and drags her friends into a bumbling, perilous pursuit to find the missing girl where they soon learn the meaning of real danger and become entangled in a sinister plot.

Critics have hailed it as "brilliant" (Flavorwire); "exceptional…a great show, refreshingly unafraid to twist the knife" (Vulture); "tightly made and effective on multiple levels" (Los Angeles Times); "surprisingly entertaining and even, here and there, moving" (New York Times); "an unusual holiday trip…one worth taking" (Salon); "ambitious, simultaneously off-putting and addictive" (The Hollywood Reporter); "refreshingly honest" (The Daily Beast); and "a genre-bending new comedy worth investigating…engaging, thoughtful television" with "a strong voice that proves worthy of trusting up until its final seconds" (indieWIRE).

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