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True Crime and Investigation 2024


Theme Festival - True Crime and Investigation


Everyone loves true crime and investigation series. We take a look at some of the biggest brands in this area of programming to uncover series that can deliver audiences for broadcasters looking for support in this area of the schedule.

Digital Campaign

Is true crime escaping the industry downturn?


Having bucked the trend for declining cable audiences, the ever-buzzy true crime genre seems to have developed a level of immunity to the ailments afflicting the US and UK businesses.


Sara Kozak spent 17 years commissioning non-fiction content in the US, so is better placed than most to declare: “We’re fucked.”

Upon launching her new consultancy, Hudson House Media, the experienced executive told C21: “I wish I had some clever mantra on how to survive the current crappy situation that many fine creatives find themselves in right now, but I don’t. So I asked a renowned documentarian, one of the finest filmmakers I know, for his take. He was succinct: ‘We’re fucked.’