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Director: Philippe Falardeau

Producer: Annie Sirois, Nancy Guerin

Executive Producer: Carlos Soldevila

Writer: Philippe Falardeau, Nancy Guerin

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences

4 x 45’

This four-part documentary series by Academy Award nominee Philippe Falardeau sets out to uncover the truth behind one of the worst train disasters in Canadian history. At the heart of this series are the survivors who share intimate stories of lost loved ones and of the relentless injustices they’ve faced since that hot summer night when their once-vibrant town of Lac-Mégantic was destroyed. For the first time, rail insiders, politicians, corporate executives and safety advocates speak candidly about the sequence of events that led up to that horrific night. Each interview inches closer to the truth as hard questions are raised about a system that continues to put corporate gain above the public good.

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