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Director: Philippe Falardeau

Producer: Julie Langlois, Annie Sirois

Executive Producer: Carlos Soldevila

Writer: Florence Longpré, Suzie Bouchard

Cast: Sandrine Bisson, Edison Ruiz, Micheline Lanctôt, Paul Doucet

Genres: Drama

Demographics: All audiences

10 x 45’

Elizabeth, a forty-something young woman, inherits the family farm following the death of her husband, Standing up to her in-laws and taking on the immense task of a novice now running the whole operation, she plunges headlong into this new and often-unpredictable life. Throughout her bumpy journey, she will grow and she will learn, in part through her interaction with the farm’s seasonal workers, and, in particular, their leader Francisco, destined to become a cathartic force in her life. While Elizabeth had never really given the migrant workers much thought, in time they become almost a second family to her. In their respective solitudes – hers of mourning and theirs of separation from their homeland – both islands find unexpected solace and refuge in one another.

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