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Producer: Toonz Media Group

Demographics: Teen

Zombie Town

Toonz Media Group
90 mins

MIKE is 16 and trying to figure out life. He works at a movie theater where they are showing the world premiere of the film ZOMBIE TOWN, written and directed by local legend filmmaker Len Carver. Mike hates zombies, but Karen is a die-hard Carver fangirl and begs him to take her to watch the movie before anyone else. Mike gives in despite his misgivings - his feelings for Karen are apparently stronger than his fear of zombies. When watching the movie in the empty old movie house, the unthinkable happens; the zombies on screen come into the real world. There is an eerie explosion of light and Mike and Karen discover that everyone in their town has become a zombie and they have to run and fight for their lives. In a series of exciting and creepy sequences, they have to battle and evade their friends, families, and enemies, all of whom have been zombified and literally want to suck the life out of them!

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