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Producer: Toonz Media Group, Keith Chapman Productions

Writer: Keith Chapman, Emily Chapman

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids

Demographics: Preschool


Toonz Media Group

To most kids in our audience today, nothing is more fun than a trip to a farm. It’s like a sprawling playground and a petting zoo all in one! Which is why “PADDYPAWS” is so much fun. It’s a show that guarantees to make little kids smile - cute, frisky kitties and Hide ‘n Seek!

Paddypaws, our adorable kitty has qualities most preschoolers will relate to: He loves to play games, he’s ever - curious and a little bit clumsy. He has a furry family of fellow kitties and a special human Daisy, who loves to play and cuddle with him after his misadventures. Living on the idyllic Sunflower farm, surrounded by cute critters and perpetually playing their favorite games... what kid wouldn’t want to be a pal of Paddypaws?

'Paddypaws has the biggest personality and the loudest meow! At times he goes too far and gets himself into trouble… leaving his owner Daisy and the other kittens having to work together to save him. This little kitty has more than 9 lives!! Daisy sometimes wonders if she picked the right kitty. But not for long… he’s just too adorable and full of surprises!

Daisy and Paddypaws, along with the other kitties, are the hiding-est, seeking-est buddies ever! Which is why Daisy often wonders, “Where is that little kitty cat at?”

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