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Director: Indra Narayan Datta, Antony Leo, Ron Myrick

Producer: Toonz Media Group, Ericka Nicole Malone Entertainment, Elijah Rock Productions

Executive Producer: Janet Hubert, Yvette Kaplan

Cast: Cheryl Alexander, Blaze Berdahl, Raven Goodwin

Genres: Kids

Demographics: Children, Family


Fractonia is a parallel world, which, although beautiful is in turmoil. ractonians are being forced to scramble as Fractilina, their equivalent of mother nature, is wreaking havoc on her inhabitants. Queen and King Fract assign their best warriors Janet Granite and Z. Zandor the task of finding a new planet to move to. They are both given a team of dinosaurs to assist them in their quest. Problem is, Zandor has other plans.