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Producer: Toonz Media Group, Dreamdust Studios

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children, Female

Daisy Dew Drop and the Rainbow Garden

Toonz Media Group

Daisy and her friends live and play in the whimsical Rainbow Garden, where magic and nature come together. At the center is Daisy, a flower-girl who wears a heart locket filled with enchanted pollen dust that helps her keep the garden blooming. Daisy is surrounded by a multitude of garden friends - flower-girls Honey Marigold, Lily Stargazer, Katy Periwinkle, and Belinda Buttercup, rambunctious Dandy Lion, mischievous Oliver Naughty Node, and Grandflower Cosmos, just to name a few.

The Rainbow Garden has a secret portal that Daisy and her friends pass through into other character filled gardens across the planet that expands the story possibilities. The program entertains while providing an environmental message for the very young as they go on each adventure, where there’s a lesson to be learned everyday about the relationships between all living things in the garden. Whether it’s singing, dancing, parties, or parades, there’s always something fun going on while learning life’s simple lessons.

We invite you to enter this fanciful world and meet the unique and colorful multi-floral cast of friends who are sure to charm and delight young girls the world over.

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