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Producer: Toonz Media Group, Soyuzmult Films

Writer: Rob Lee, Jim Driscoll

Genres: Adventure, Animation, Comedy, Kids

Demographics: Children

Aliens in My Backpack

Toonz Media Group

Riley was a boy like any other, living in the quiet, normal town Edgemoor. Riley loved his parents, Gummy bears and his Nintendo in that order. As for the future, well that was a long way away. Until one fine morning, the future landed in his lap. More accurately - his backpack! A future about to be inhabited by super intelligent, pint size aliens, who-with Riley in tow-will set out to protect their new home, planet Earth - oh and in their spare time save the universe.Riley’s life would never be the same again.

In a distant corner of the galaxy nestles a tiny planet with a perfect micro-climate and resources plentiful. Under the growing threat of extinction by the notorious, evil Destruktors, within the doomed planet’s hi-tech nerve centre, the alien inhabitants are thrown into a race against time.

Desperately they scour for a planet to relocate to and beam down to as their planets explodes to extinction. But arrival at the destination throws the Aliens into confusion. It slowly dawns on the incomers that they'd beamed down into a backpack in a planet which was thousand times bigger than theirs!

Riley the owner of the backpack, discovers the aliens are advanced far beyond humans’ limited intelligence. They are instinctively attuned to conservation, eco system and sustainability. They are natural recyclers. This unfortunately for Riley’s family, means they can’t resist upgrading household appliances etc, and fixing things whether asked to or not!

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