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Writer: Shinobu Arima

Cast: Chizuru Ikewaki, Noriko Eguchi, Sei Matobu, Toru Shinagawa, Mitsuko Kusabue

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 30-50, Female


Arata Usui is a 40-year old office worker with no lover, no money, and no guarantee of relief after retirement. She wanted to get married but wasn’t blessed with a partner, and as she’s not young anymore, she felt small at work. One night as she was wandering the nightlife districts she finds a retro bar “OLD JACK & ROSE”. On the poster on the door were the words "Recruiting hostesses! None under 40".

“I want to change my life!” Arata takes the plunge and jumps in, to find powerful gorgeous old ladies in her fifties to eighties, at the other side of the door! She gets inspired by the ladies who survived the turbulent times of Japan so brightly and positively after the end of the war, and starts working as the “youngest” hostess at the bar “OLD JACK & ROSE”.