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Cast: Natsuna, Yua Shinkawa, Jin Shirasu

Genres: Drama

8 x 55’

Akira is a 30-year-old salaryman married to novelist Sonoko. After five years of marriage things between them have cooled and now they barely speak.
One evening Akira is suddenly struck with an unbearable headache and, after being taken to the hospital, is told his illness is life-threatening. At the same time, a strange change starts to take over Akira’s body.

The Akira who walks out of the operating theater has transformed into a woman! It turns out Akira has a rare medical condition known as “Sex Altering Syndrome” which can cause a sudden change in biological sex among humans. After receiving this diagnosis, Akira receives a “Altered Sex Certificate” and begins life as a man inside a female body.

Learning to use makeup, wearing a bra, Akira faces a steep learning curve in his first days living as a woman. After returning to work a few days later he encounters even more troubles. A client of his jokes that he can “touch boobs as much as he wants”, he’s even groped in an elevator, Akira begins to understand the daily struggles of life for women. Akira begins seeing the clear differences between perspectives of men and women after his transformation. Not only that, but for some reason he’s started feeling flustered around his helpful boss, is the transformation having more effect on him than he’d thought?

What awaits Akira now, as he begins to question what his real identity is?!