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Director: Anton Shchukin

Producer: Anton Shchukin, Anton Zaitsev, Artem Loginov, Gavriil Gordeec

Executive Producer: Yulia Akhmayeva

Cast: Daria Razumovsky, Evgeniya Moiseeva, Anastasia Zaitseva, Alina Bosch, Jan Zaychenko Anna Demushkina, Veronica Borisova, Elizaveta Sergeeva, Alina Lapteva, Darya Kondratyeva, Alexander Kirichenko, Claudia Bezverkhova

Genres: Reality

Demographics: 15+


In each series of "Soldiers Girls" twelve participants face new challenges, learn military disciplines and try to become a real team. This is the first project filmed on the territory of military units. The shooting is done without cuts, with many cameras, the life of the barracks is visible at a glance, and the daily routine of the participants is no different from the life of real soldiers.

This is the first project in which girls actually serve in the army. Participants of "Soldier Girls" voluntarily gave up work with comfortable life in the city and flew on a military unit of the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation to taste by themselves hardships and deprivations of army service. Now their whole life is a contrast: the warm sun and military uniforms, the Black sea and orders, cameras and strict rules of military regulations. At first, the girls try in every possible way to put the commander off balance — they make eyes, feign pain, snort and resist orders. But an experienced captain with several hundred Marines under his command can't be fooled by such tricks.