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Director: Artyom Lempert, Pavel Oreshin

Producer: Artyom Loginov, Anton Zaytsev, Anton Shchukin

Executive Producer: Olga Dolmatovskaya

Writer: Artyom Loginov, Artyom Lempert, Pavel Oreshin

Cast: Yana Stoyanova, Kseniya Surkova, Mukhamed Abu-Rizik, Alina Alekseeva, Vasiliy Kartukov, Gosha Kutsenko

Genres: Comedy

76 х 24 min (4 seasons)

Olga lives in a big city and works as a manicurist, struggling to make ends meet and raising two kids from different marriages. Olga’s family might look pretty dysfunctional: her teenage daughter is thinking of getting knocked up so that she could move out of the house, while her pubescent son is doing all he can to prove that he is a real man. To top it off, there’s her father, a hilarious kids’ football coach always looking for an opportunity to get drunk, and her younger sister who is trying to live off rich men, but always ends up falling for the wrong guys. Despite the fact that Olga tries to stay right on top of things, her life seems to be stuck in a rut until she meets Grisha, a young and good-natured driver of a funeral van. From the get-go Grisha falls in love with Olga who comes to realize that love is the one thing that has been truly missing in her life.