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Director: Anatoly Spulnikov

Producer: Artur Janibekyan, Igor Mishin, Vyacheslav Dosmukhamedov, Semyon Slepakov, Andrew Levin

Executive Producer: Konstantin Zolotarev

Cast: Azamat Musagaliev, Mikhail Galustyan, Alexander Revva, Olga Buzova, Ekaterina Barnava, Viktor Vasiliev, Anna Snatkina

Genres: Entertainment

Demographics: 15+


Have you ever wondered why we tip the waiters, but never tip the doctors? What are our little toes meant for? Why is there dry, but no wet wine? In this brand new and excitingWhere’s The Logic? game show the celebrity couples try to determine the logical connection between the seemingly illogical events, items, or facts.

Where’s the Logic? is a combination of an intellectual quiz show, a comedy panel show and a family entertainment program. In the course of the show a series of images will appear on the screen in front of the two teams, each consisting of one celebrity and their partner. It will be up to the contestants to find the connection between these pictures. The host’s goal is not only to allocate points to the winners of each of the five rounds, but also to help the teams build up logical chains and to create the atmosphere of comedy in what has proved to be one of the most impressive light entertainment game shows in the history of the Russian television.