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Director: Andrey Dzhunkovsky

Producer: Anton Shchukin, Anton Zaytsev, Artem Loginov, Alexander Doulerain

Executive Producer: Olga Dolmatovskaya

Writer: Irina Arkadieva, Arkady Vodakov, Anastasia Volkova

Cast: Shamil Khamatov, Marina Vasilieva, Alexander Pal, Maria Shalaeva, Maria Fomina, Jasmina Omerovic

Genres: Drama

Demographics: 15+

Be Happy

TNT Broadcasting Network

Arkady, a gynecological oncologist surgeon, is asked by his best friend to come to Russia to run a clinic. Without even thinking, he packs up his family and says goodbye to America. However, things are not what they seem, as he soon finds himself in the middle between the doctors and the clinic’s VIP patients. Will the staff accept him? And what about his wife, Shura, who followed the man she loves to a country she doesn’t? “Be Happy” is an ironic look at the thirty-year-old’s generation who have everything to be happy but aren’t.

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