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Director: Fedor Stukov, Alexander Nazarov

Producer: Anton Shchukin, Anton Zaytsev, Artyom Loginov

Executive Producer: Antonina Zorina

Writer: Maxim Parshin, Pavel Krivchik, Fedor Stukov

Cast: Leonid Bichevin, Evgeniya Brik, Arthur Beschastno, Yuriy Stoyanov

Genres: Comedy

34 Х 24 min

An American spy sent undercover to Gazprom to steal information on a new gas producing technology finds out that Russia is nothing like he imagined. Although Ashton Ivy is fully prepared and speaks fluent Russian, it turns out that he knows nothing about the place and the people that live there. He meets a guy on the train on the way to the distant Siberian town of Noyabrsk, and they immediately become friends. But little does he know that Valera, who looks somewhat like a criminal, is actually an FSB officer. A girl he meets on the same train looks like a hooker, but she is actually not so easy to get. Nothing is as it seems with the Russians. So Ashton Ivy aka Oleg Menshov will have to do everything to adapt or risk being exposed. «Adaptation» is the first spy-themed TV-comedy in Russia. It is an ironic and sharp look through the eyes of an American at real Russian life where sincerity and generosity go hand in hand with corruption and thievery, where people may look cold but are always willing to come to the rescue when you are in trouble. The mysterious Russian soul isn’t a myth after all!