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Company overview

THEMA is a distributor of pay TV channels, Fast channels, YouTube Channels and non-linear contents to cable, IPTV, DTH, operators and also for mobile packages and OTT. THEMA helps the development of more than 180 TV channels worldwide and builds strong partnerships with major pay TV platforms in France, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Asia, Canada and USA/LATAM.

Programming Profile

THEMA’s plans to conquer Europe with k-drama


Séverine Garusso, Head of New Activities at THEMA, outlines how the Canal+ subsidiary is changing its business in Europe, adapting to the streaming/FAST boom, and explores how demand for Korean drama is changing.


How is your business in Europe evolving?

The original business of THEMA was to distribute pay TV channels to operators, create multicultural channel packages that we also offer to operators, and create pay TV channels, such as Novelas and Nollywood.


With the evolution – or revolution – of the TV industry and the decline of the linear business model, we are now expanding into FAST channels, distribution and creation of YouTube channels, and are also representing content catalogues that we monetise across all possible modes. Indeed, THEMA’s essence is international: we create bridges between content creators and platforms.



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Séverine Garusso Head of new activities