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Director: Ron Oliver

Producer: Charles Cooper

Executive Producer: Lacey Chabert, Lisa Demberg, Beth Grossbard, Harvey Kahn, Phillip J. Roth, Juliet Smith, Alison Sweeney

Writer: Karen Berger, Lori Wilde

Cast: Victor Webster, Lacey Chabert, Autumn Reeser

Genres: Drama, TV Movie

84 mins.

Tracy is now head of the auction house, and Nick’s restaurant is doing so well that he’s looking at expanding. Their success leaves the couple so little time together, they have yet to decide where to take their long overdue honeymoon, but finally settle on Greece. When a travel delay leaves them without a hotel room, they end up staying on a beautiful, secluded island at a fledgling inn run by capable local Tessa and her well-meaning, if bungling brother Xander. When Nick discovers that Xander is filling in as chef, despite his cooking being unpalatable, he cannot help but to lend a hand in the kitchen. Tracy meanwhile meets Leo, a charming boy from a nearby boarding school, whose artistic talents are only rivaled by his knack for getting into trouble. Tracy cannot shake the feeling that Leo needs her help but finds her interventions unwelcomed by the school’s headmaster. Soon Tracy encounters a mystery when elegant Lady Dalton and her grandson Colin check in. Inexplicably, the veil – which Tracy had brought along to give to Nick’s sister – keeps winding up in Colin’s room. With sparks flying between Colin and Tessa, even skeptical Tracy may finally have to admit there’s something to the veil’s legend. As they spend time on the island, Tracy and Nick may also find that, though their honeymoon isn’t exactly what they had pictured, it might just be exactly what they need.