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Home > Screenings > Terranoa > Top Of The Rocks, A Journey Made Of Stone

Director: Christophe Cousin, Matthieu Maillet

Producer: Haut et Court Doc, ARTE, Ushuaia

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences


Rocks and soils shape the life of our landscapes. They influence the flora and fauna of all ecosystems. The materials used for our homes, the color our horizons and the representations of our divinities are all made of rocks.

At the crossroad between science and discovery, exploring our planet’s landscapes deciphering how our Earth was shaped, we share the stories of those who have a passion for the mineral world.

The series offers a fresh take on geology and takes us on a spectacular journey across the globe over five episodes. Each episode explores the properties and fascinating relationships that rocks have with their environments.

Travelling from North America to Namibia, from Western Europe to India through Egypt and Iceland, crossing the driest deserts and humid forests, this series takes us for on a fascinating mineral journey using spectacular 4K imagery.

Rocks will transport us through time and space within the planet’s most breathtaking landscapes. Between the infinitely large and the infinitely small, exploring a diversity of cultures and traditions.

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