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Director: Jean-Charles Granjon

Producer: Bluearth Production, Ushuaïa TV, Tudor, Whipped Sea

Genres: Documentary

Demographics: All audiences


Morgan Bourc’his, Free Diving World Champion in 2019 and eco-environmentalist, travels to Norway’s Great North to dive for the first time with orcas and whales near Spildra island. Concerned by the extent of pollution he has witnessed underwater in all oceans, he is now able to reconnect with the pristine wilderness of the Fjords in a new diving experience closer to Nature. To achieve this, he must confront his own demons and open his perspective to other forms of relationship with nature, as the powerful creatures he dives along are highly adapted to the dark ocean and aggressive winter temperatures. In his quest for the ideal interaction with orcas and whales, he meets those who share the lives of these animals: a scientists, a fisherman, an anthropologist and a leader of Sami cultural renaissance.

Spildra, a mysterious island full of history and legends, is at the centre of all his encounters. This film offers in riveting 4K a transformative journey where man lives in symbiosis with Nature.

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