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Home > Screenings > Terranoa > Children Of Chaos, What Became Of WW2 Orphans

Director: Agnès Pizzini, Julien Johan

Producer: Elephant & Cie, Looks Films, Kwassa Film, Vertigo Films, France Television, RTBF

Genres: Documentary

People: Agnès Pizzini, Elephant & C:ie, France Télévision, Julien Johan, Kwassa Film, Looks Films, RTBF, Vertigo Films

90' & 2X52'

In 1945, 15 million orphans roamed in the debris of Europe. Through recolorized archives and testimonies, we will understand how the victorious nations took control of the orphans regardless of their origins. Teaming up with the best historians, we will tell the stories of these children's broken lives, forever in search of their families.

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