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Director: Peter Sullivan

Producer: Brian Nolan, Peter Sullivan

Executive Producer: Barry Barnholtz, Jeffrey Schenck, Gene George, Bruce Gersh, Zelma Kiwi, Tom Mazza, Dan Wakeford

Writer: Cassie Doyle

Cast: Marla Sokoloff, Rob Mayes, Marie Osmond

The Road Home To Christmas

Tesera Entertainment
87 Minutes

In the bustling New Orleans French Quarter, LINDSEY and WES perform a competitive Christmas version of their weekly Dueling Pianos show. When Wes suggests they put their differences aside and embark on a road trip to their hometowns, Lindsey is hesitant but agrees. When their car gets snowed in on the side of the road, Lindsey discovers Wes has had a strained relationship with his mother but now she is sick, and he’s trying to get home for Christmas so he can see her. Soon they are rescued and get a ride to the nearest train station, but the two end up having to split up when there is only one seat left. Lindsey’s sister is in labor, and takes the ticket, while Wes is delayed and journeys home on the tour bus of an old friend. Lindsey makes it home just in time for the birth and then dashes over to the hospital where Wes is with his mother. The next day, Wes expresses his feelings to Lindsey and she is relieved to share she feels the same way.

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