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Tesera Entertainment

Company Overview

Tesera Entertainment

TESERA ENTERTAINMENT was formed in July 2019 by leading distribution executive Gene George, who prior established and lead the worldwide distribution arm at Starz for over 9 years and transitioned to Lionsgate for approximately 2.5 years after the merger of the two companies in December 2017. Gene left Lionsgate in March 2019 and started TESERA ENTERTAINMENT shortly thereafter.

Many have asked the origin of the name TESERA. TESERA represents the number 4 in Greek (homage to the number of children Gene has) and it is also the Italian word for a single mosaic tile. Symbolically, TESERA represents a small portion of a beautiful piece of art, but not complete or in its full glory and beauty without its inclusion. Gene relates this to the company’s importance in the worldwide distribution business.

TESERA prides itself in having an impeccable reputation, extensive relationships and expertise in global content licensing to maximize revenue and mitigate costs for its content partners. Its primary focus is to bring a boutique class of service to the marketplace that is often overlooked or not possible by big entertainment companies.

TESERA provides dedicated support to its broadcasters and platforms throughout the licensing process with top notch marketing elements and promotional guidance. Producers can expect complete transparency and prompt reporting/payments unrivaled in the industry, as TESERA wants to help its partners expand and grow.


Address: 23277 Ventura Boulevard
Woodland Hills
United States
Phone: 818) 591-1900
E-mail: [email protected]