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Director: Julien Renault, Ghayth Chegaar

Producer: Laurent Witz

Executive Producer: Emmanuelle Vincent

Writer: Ciaran Murtagh, Andrew Barnett Jones, Nicolas Poupon, Ed Diablo, Cyril Bossmann, Jen Upton and Sarah Darling, Howard Read, Alex Collier, Denise Cassar and Rong Rong

Genres: Animation, Kids

Demographics: Children

5 Minutes

Based on the comic book of the same name by Nicolas Poupon, “Le fond du Bocal (deep in the bowl)” depicts an aquarium of fish questioning their reason for being and the meaning of life in general.

The comic books success comes from the subtle humor, which appeals to the intelligence of the reader. The ironic meets the absurd Spending your life in a bowl, can create funny situations.

Some have only one way out: escape. Yes but to go where? Others refuse to conform and decide to go square! One has to admit that a goldfish’s life really isn’t one! What a daft idea to put them in a bowl!

Every episode is made up of short autonomous stories that each pose a different problem within each aquarium. That way, each episode shows different situations that are independent of the others.

Through these fish, it really is human nature gulped up with humor. The questions asked by the fish, their dreams, their conflicts, their joy and their sadness, are ours.