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Theme Festival - Telenovelas with Global Appeal

About this Festival

Telenovelas provide an effective alternative to soaps or channels aiming to create cliff-hanger events or programme significant gaps in the schedule. This festival highlights some of the best telenovelas on offer as finished tape.

Programming Profile

C21 Digital Screenings Theme Festival - Telenovelas with Global Appeal


Telenovelas, a popular and ubiquitous drama format, are the topic of the next Theme Festival on C21’s Digital Screenings. Here, Inigo Alexander explores how demand for the genre is changing and what impact the pandemic has had on supply lines.


Few TV genres have the cultural presence and committed viewership that can be boasted by telenovelas. Luring in viewers over a number of long-running seasons filled with ups and downs, family drama and shocking plot twists is no easy feat, and telenovelas have long been a staple of TV programming throughout Latin America and far beyond.


The production of telenovelas and soap operas is unlike that of other scripted TV, with many shows airing on a near-constant basis and production seemingly in perpetuity. Such shows also often occupy primetime slots in programming schedules.


“Latin America has always favoured this type of genre. Many of us call it the backbone of programming in the free TV world,” says César Díaz, CEO of Miami-based indie distributor 7A Media.