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Director: Ayuko Tsukahara, Kentaro Takemura, Noki Kato

Producer: Junko Arai

Executive Producer: Junko Arai

Writer: Akiko Nogi

Cast: Go Ayano, Gen Hoshino, Kumiko Asai, Kenshi Okada, Jun Hashimoto

Genres: Drama, Format

Demographics: All audiences, Family

9 x 60’ / 2 x 75’

The No. 4 Mobile Investigation Unit was quickly pieced together as part of reform efforts to overhaul the police organization. There, a wild maverick of a cop, Ibuki, gets paired with a serenely composed partner, Shima. Their role is to be on call 24 hours to fill in gaps in police shifts by investigative Units 1 to 3, to be the first investigators on crime scene and to risk their lives for a perfect criminal apprehension rate. In an increasingly morally relativistic world, questions such as “What is real justice” are posed in thrillingly fast-paced and comical whodunit fare with each episode a complete story.