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Producer: Jutta Müller

Writer: Sönke Lars Neuwöhner, Sven Poser

Cast: Yvonne Catterfeld, Götz Schubert


Studio Hamburg Enterprises
8 x 90’

Young detective Viola Delbrück has requested to leave Hamburg and instead be stationed in the Oberlausitz. She wants to start over in Görlitz and leave behind her past. Her new position has her paired with the scruff loner Butch Schulz, though. Also in her team are the department's director Ebertin, who does not like Schulz and gets ignored by him in return, as well as crime scene investigator Jakob Boehme, who is slightly hopeful that Delbrück's arrival will shake things up. But private matters overshadow Delbrück's new start: her soon-to-be ex-husband follows her, stalks and threatens her, even hurts her critically. Getting away from her crazed partner has been a major part in her decision to move from Hamburg to Görlitz. That is easier said than done though, as he is clearly fixated on Viola and continues to haunt her.

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