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Cast: Rebecca Immanuel, Simon Schwarz

Genres: Drama

Vera - First Aid From Berlin

Studio Hamburg Enterprises
10 x 90’

Vera Mundt stayed home and took care of her children for ten years, now she wants to return to her job as a nurse. When a job offer arrives from Chris Wegner, a country doctor, Vera is over the moon. From the metropolis Berlin to the Eifel region - something her 16-year-old son Paul is anything but impressed with. Vera not only has private problems, but now she also has her boss on her back. Vera spends too much time with her patients and Chris has a very demanding time frame. But the doctor also sees that Vera has her positive sides, too, even if the additional human service is not billable. Vera has to come to terms with several problems, as well as coping with the balancing act between work and family…

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