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Director: Julia Frick

Producer: Viennatainment V.E.G.

Writer: Julia Frick, Alice Frick

Cast: Petra Kleinert, Marcus Strahl, Waltraut Haas, Reinhard Nowak, Barbara Karlich, Ramesh Nair, Ben Ruedinger

Genres: TV Movie


When faced with the breakdown of her marriage, 50-year-old housewife Emma begins work as a store manager in a sex shop. She soon realises the shop is in desperate need of improvement, not only for economic reasons, but also for her own wellbeing. So, she transforms it into an erotic boutique for women. Her fledging children and bewildered mother watch in surprise. While looking for her lost orgasm, she has intriguing encounters, and finds female friends and support for the first time, but when her husband wants her back again, she has to decide whether to live life for herself or to sacrifice it again.