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Director: Jan Ruzicka, Sibylle Tafel, Wolfgang Eissler

Producer: Heike Streich

Cast: Tanja Wedhorn, Lukas Zumbrock, Morgane Ferru, Stephan Kampwirth

Genres: Drama

Practice By The Sea

Studio Hamburg Enterprises
9 x 90’ + tbc

Nora Kaminski used to be a doctor on a cruise ship before her career turned belly-up. Now, she is practically left with nothing and depends on her old college buddy Richard for help. He secures a job for her in his local practise on the island of Rügen. But things aren't so easy here. The islanders regard Nora with an ample measure of scepticism and refuse to be treated by her. On top of that, Nora is facing problems with her new landlord. Finally, the true reason why she has lost her old job comes to light…

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