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Director: Miguel Conde, Javier Pulido, Eva Bermúdez, Alberto Pernet

Producer: Ramón Campos, Teresa Fernández-Valdés

Executive Producer: Josep Cister Rubio, Borja Gálvez

Writer: Josep Cister Rubio

Cast: Ana Garcés, Arturo Sancho, Eva Martín, Manuel Regueiro, Joaquín Climent, María Castro, Antonio Velázquez, Carmen Flores, Alicia Bercán, Carmen Asecas

Genres: Telenovela

122 x 1 HR

Those who pursue justice rarely know where the line is drawn. But can love quench the thirst for revenge?

Set at the beginning of the turbulent 20th Century across the stunning landscapes of Southern Spain, Jana, a maid for the waning yet ruthless House of Luján, seeks revenge for her mother's murder. But there is one element she did not anticipate… falling in love with Manuel, son of the Count of Luján.