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Director: Geir Henning Hopland, Pontus Klänge

Producer: Nicklas Wikström, Michael Hjorth

Writer: Charlotte Lesche, Karin Gidfors

Cast: Alexander Karim, Malin Buska, Thomas Bo Larsen, Nicolaj Kopernikus

Genres: Drama

The Lawyer (Advocaten)

Season 1: 10 X 1 hour, Season 2: 8 X 1 hour

Since season one, Frank’s life has changed completely since he and his sister Sara investigated the death of their parents. It seems that a criminal gang leader, Waldman, is the person responsible for the car bomb in which their parents died. After getting Waldman and his daughter Therese locked up in prison the siblings’ lives have twisted into complete opposites of what they used to be. Frank and Sara are trying to move on with their lives despite the fact that Waldman is still a threat to them. Frank feels guilty that he was partially responsible for Therese’s death, but it appears that all may not be as it seems. Frank seeks Waldman’s help and the two archenemies are forced to cooperate to find Therese’s murderer.

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