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Director: Danielle Arbid, Keren Ben Rafael

Producer: Vassili Clert, Anne Landois

Executive Producer: Frédéric Bruneel

Writer: Anne Landois, Audrey Fouche, Élise Benroubi, Rachid Santaki, Laurent Mercier, Nacim Mehtar, Simon Jablonka, Hada Korera, Julien Manzi, Sonia Emamzadeh

Cast: Alice Isaaz, Raphaël Acloque, Nailia Harzoune, Kevin Bago, Melvin Boomer, Rani Bheemuck, Rachid Guellaz, Hakim Ferhi, Éric Pucheu

Genres: Drama


At just 32, Roxane Bauer has become a successful associate at the prestigious Parisian law firm owned by her husband’s wealthy family. When her seemingly-perfect husband is shockingly accused of rape and she’s forced out of the firm, Roxane returns to the underprivileged neighbourhood where she grew up to follow her true calling as a criminal lawyer, even if it means she must defend the same local criminals she once ran away from.