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Director: Ziad Doueiri (S1, S2 ep. 1 to 4 and ep. 8), Antoine Chevrollier (S2 ep. 5 to 8, S3 ep. 1 to 4), Thomas Bourguignon (S3 ep. 5 to 8)

Producer: Thomas Bourguignon, Stéphanie Carrère for KWAI

Writer: Eric Benzekri, Jean-Baptiste Delafon, Raphael Chevenement, Olivier Demangel, Thomas Finkielkraut

Cast: Kad Merad, Anna Mouglalis, Niels Arestrup, François Morel, Pascal Elbé, Hugo Becker, Rachida Brakni

Genres: Drama

Season 1: 8 X 1 hour, Season 2: 8 X 1 hour, Season 3: 8 X 1 hour

Having spent years behind the scenes getting the last two presidents elected, the Baron noir (Kad Merad) decides to run for the top job himself. The presidential election is considered the “mother of all battles” because the country’s future hinges on it. In an increasingly populist environment, this election is thrown wide open and becomes entirely unpredictable. Although our hero is burdened by an “old-world” mindset and a criminal record, he has a quality that’s all too scarce in this fake news and social media age: political nous.