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Over the top


Ever-changing social dynamics, tough challenges and the hardship of the outdoor life all combined to challenge the participants both personally and as a group. Whether it’s physically or mentally,
together many of them have reached “Over the Top”

The Cast
14 participants begin the journey. They all have two things in common – a love of nature, and a unique personal journey they need to undertake. Some of them have come as pairs - a brother and sister, a grandfather with his grandchild, a mother and daughter – and others come as individuals.

For example: a sister who for many years has stood by her brother through his drug abuse comes with him on the trip to celebrate a new start now that he is clean. Two brothers who are always picking on each other, come to the hike to make amends and learn to work together. An overweight person, who needs to lose weight to get his dream career, or a burned-out careerist who simply needs to get away from her stressfull job, and change her way of life.

No matter what sort of baggage they came with, and what relationships they brought from home, the show creates an ever-changing social landscape the participants will have to face. Groups change from episode to episode, and duels and eliminations will tear the couples apart. They will have to choose loyalties and create new relationships time and time again - creating an emotional journey to complement the physical one.

The Hikes
Each episode is formed around a well-known hiking trip, a classic hike the viewer at home can take during a weekend if they want to. But the contestants are not taking a leisurely walk in the woods, for them it’s a competition with challenges that reflect the natural surroundings they are in – climbing, paddling, cycling. And as individuals they must complete their own personal journey to grow as a person.

The Competition & The Elimination
The competition between the teams is straight forward; the first team to cross the finish line will win. The losing team now faces the unpleasant duty of eliminating one of its own members. The leader of the losing team (selected by the hiking-leader) will challenge one of his own team members for a duel – and the loser will have to leave the show.

Team Leaders
As the loser leaves the show they appoint one of the participants to be the hiking-leader. The hiking leader will choose the two team leaders who will in turn pick their teams. To win the team competition it takes cooperation and team-spirit, but if their team loses, they will have to face one of the members for a duel - so they must choose carefully.

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