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Genres: Entertainment
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Game on

“Game On!” is a new innovative game show where innocent passersby compete in a variety of games they have no idea are taking place. Everyday things become competitions, where anyone can win surprising prizes.

They say that life is a game. The problem is that no one knows what the rules are, and most of the times you don’t even know you’re playing. In “Game On” we decided to make up our own rules and turn life into a game show.

Two fast thinking hosts observe the games from an observation van with the help of hidden cameras and surveillance equipment, and provide their own funny insights and interpretations on human behavior as it is revealed in the games. After each competition is completed, the two hosts charge out to surprise the winning contestant and give them a big eye catching celebration and a prize.

“Game On” is a game show without shiny floors and spinning wheels. The games can take place anywhere; in a supermarket, a street crossing, a park or at the airport. Using hidden-cameras the stage is set for innocent passersby to compete in a variety of games only the two hosts and the viewers at home know are taking place. Be the first to stop and listen to a street performer and win a prize, be the customer trying on the most dresses and go home with the dress for free, or score a goal playing street basketball and you might find yourself caught in a big flashmob surrounded by professional cheerleaders!

“Game On!” is a fast paced and feel-good game show for the whole family. Are you ready to play? It doesn’t really matter because you already are. In “Game On” everything is game, and everyone is a player.

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