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Director: John Shea
Producer: Armyan Bernstein,Suzann Ellis,John Shea
Executive Producer: Jonathan Sheinberg,Wendy Schmidt,Richard Driehaus,William Earon
Writer: John Shea,Armyan Bernstein
Cast: Eric Dane,Natalie Zea,Rebecca Gayheart,Amy Madigan
Genres: Drama
People: Amy Madigan, Armyan Bernstein, Eric Dane, John Shea, Jonathan Sheinberg, Natalie Zea, Rebecca Gayheart, Richard Driehaus, Suzann Ellis, Wendy Schmidt, William Earon
Shows: Grey Lady
Companies: Starz
Grey Lady

1 x 90 Minutes

When responding to a call of a woman being held captive by a suspected serial killer, Boston Detective James Doyle and his partner are ambushed. Doyle's partner Maggie is shot with Doyle's gun, killing her and their unborn child that Doyle didn’t even know about. Doyle is taken off the case and officially put on leave, but there is no way he can let this go. Doyle tracks the killer to Nantucket Island, where he finds a string of clues that tie him to the mysterious serial killer and uncovers horrible secrets from his past that have been hidden for decades.

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