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Director: Simon Sachel, Noémie Jolicoeur-Laforest

Producer: Corine Trudel, Marie-Hélène Tremblay

Executive Producer: Bruno Dubé, Robert Montour, Josée Vallée

Writer: Simon Sachel

Cast: Émilie Ferland, Clifford Miller

Genres: Documentary, Factual

Demographics: All audiences

A Zoo Like No Other (Un zoo pas comme les autres)

Sphere Media
Season 1 (12 x 22 min), Season 2 (12 x 22 min), Season 3 (12 x 22 min)

A zoo like no other showcases Clifford and Émilie, as well as their “babies”: more than 150 animals that have found refuge at their home at the Miller Zoo. Tigers, lions, lynx, black bears, wolves, coyote, raccoons, moose, etc. Some remain there for life, while others are rehabilitated to be released into the wild.

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