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Spain Film Commission

Company overview

Spain boasts a rich and varied selection of shoot locations which are safe and easy to access, along with some very attractive tax incentives which make this country an exceptional destination when it comes to film, television and publicity shoots. READ MORE

Company contact

Address: Plaza Mayor, 1.
Phone: +34 649 86 30 39
E-mail: [email protected]

Programming Profile

The land of incentives


Carlos Rosado, president, Spain Film Commission


Only in the last five years, Spain has received 256 international movies that invested an average of 2.6 million Euros per title. The country’s tax rebate benefits are proving successful in attracting foreign producers, who choose Spain because of its array of filming locations, local production capacities and the convenience of shooting in territories like the Canary Island, Basque Country or Navarra.


What is your vision of the work the Spain Film Commission is currently developing?

The first preoccupation of the Spain Film Commission was to create a national network that could work with the local, province and autonomic administrations, in order to achieve diversity and national representation. Today, we virtually cover all the national territory, with presence in all autonomous communities, in the big cities. During the last year, our network has increased by 23%.