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Director: Aleksandra Bizyaeva

Producer: Julia Osetinskaya, Lika Blanc, Boris Mashkovtsev

Executive Producer: Aitach Mikailova

Writer: Evgenii Eronin, Sergei Lahtin, Maksim Markin, Liza Simbirskaya

Cast: Andrei Burkovskiy, Anton Savenkov, Vladimir Voituk, Vasilisa Eldarova, Tatiana Shitova, Eva Finkelstein , Lina Ivanova, Diomid Vinogradov, Petr Glanz

Genres: Animation, Kids, Sci-Fi

Demographics: Children


A quartet of Space Academy cadets overcome their differences to become a heroic team called The Coolics! When not taking classes, scribbling homework, or honing their talents, these four heroes prevent the mysterious villain (Karrina) from finding a rogue asteroid. Why? To keep that baddie from bringing to life an army of evil Iron Harpies to enslave the whole galaxy!

The series is peppered with space adventures, blazing rockets, practical jokes, superpowers, and catastrophic battles. And throughout it all, our jovial Coolics learn an important lesson: Work as a team, because each member is a valuable and indispensable hero.

And our audience will discover: Being a true superhero does not mean having superpowers. It’s enough to be kind, brave and take care of your friends and the world around you.