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Producer: Floresta

Genres: Format, Reality

Demographics: 18-30, 30-50, Female, Male

In Sickness & In Hell

Sony Pictures Television Formats

In Sickness & In Hell sees 4 couples put their relationships to the test in a 20 day adventure that will make or break them.

With no past experience of living in nature, each couple must leave home comforts behind to face isolation in the heart of the jungle and find out if their love for one another is strong enough to survive the elements.

They’ll be provided with survival boxes along the way to help them manage life in the wild.
They must unite and ration supplies to survive in the face of daily challenges. In each episode
we also see how they cope apart in the barter sessions where couples are swapped to trade
essential items for their camp.

With twists and difficult decisions to make at every turn, will the cracks start to show as
the pressure builds? And when all is said and done, who will decide to get married?

In Sickness & In Hell is the ultimate test of survival, loyalty and the power of love.

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