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Sony Music Entertainment

Company overview

Sony Music Entertainment’s (SME) Premium Content division is a full-service content development studio showcasing the Company’s global legacy, scale and robust offerings for top creative talent around the world. Designed to provide our artists and creators with unique opportunities to captivate new global audiences, the team develops, produces, and distributes a range of premium projects across film, television, podcasting, gaming and more. Tapping into SME’s vast portfolio and catalog libraries, the division champions innovative ideas and collaborations across the Sony entertainment companies to amplify our artists’ creative vision and engage fans with captivating content across all formats.

Company contact

Address: Paseo de la Castellana 202, Planta 7
Phone: 913 88 00 02

Programming Profile

Music for the screen


Sergi Reitg, Premium Content Director, Sony Music Iberia & Strategic Projects Latin Iberia


Taking advantage of the huge roster of artists it represents internationally, and especially thinking about all the potential stories that could be told from and by the music industry, Sony Music is currently running its Media Content division in Spain, Portugal, the US and Latin America (including Mexico and Brazil), and is dedicated to develop audiovisual projects in association with local production companies in each territory.


What is the main objective of this new division?

Sergi Reitg (SR) – It’s a revolutionary idea. Even though the company had done a few things like shooting concerts, the purposes were promotional. In this case, we are conceiving it as a stand-alone business unit: we produce and develop relevant stories related to the world of music and work with all kinds of formats, such as movies, documentaries, entertainment and even animation.